The Country Basket
Bouquet of Fresh Flowers featuring an Orange Tiger Lily

Fresh Flowers

At The Country Basket we can provide suggestions on the perfect fresh cut flowers for any room or gesture. We can help you find meaning behind what you're purchasing. After all, flowers have always had meaning and some still carry their historic meaning from long ago...


  • Carnation

    o Pink = Gratitude

    o Red = Flashy

    o White = Remembrance

    o Yellow = Cheerful

  • Daffodil = Chivalry

  • Daisy = Innocence

  • Orchid = Delicate Beauty

  • Rose

    o Pink = Admiration

    o Red = Passionate Love

    o Red & White = Unity

    o White = Purity

    o Yellow = Joy & Friendship


Fresh cut flowers, no matter what the color, always bring a smile. The Country Basket receives shipments of fresh flowers twice a week; however our selection changes daily depending upon sales. We happily take special requests and can order specific flowers if we do not have them in stock. We will even go out on a limb to provide customers with flowers that are out of season; we can't make any guarantees but we will go the extra mile to try and make it happen.